It's About Excellence.

It's About Fun!

Northern Lehigh Theatre Troupe produces at least two mainstage performances, including a musical contender for the Freddy Awards. Our program runs during fall and spring semester so that members may develop foundational performance abilities. In addition to learning roles, members participate in exclusive Troupe events! NLTT believes in success through exploration and teamwork. That means that as we tackle our stellar productions, we also develop a bond so that nobody goes through the 'tough stuff' alone. You will learn invaluable skills as an actor, musician, and dancer, but you will also create friendships that will last a lifetime. You can expect a challenge, but you can also expect to have a blast!!

"Theater was the best part of my first year in high school, and I know it will continue to be that way all throughout my school career! Everyone is so close and supportive.You will never regret joining because of the amazing experience you go through.You will learn what theater truly is, and love it with all your heart and soul." -R.
"I've never experienced being a part of such a supportive, welcoming, and amazing group of people who all have the same passion for theatre" -B.
"It's a family. On and off stage, we love and care for each other. Everyone supports each other, regardless of role size. We all share the same goal, to have an amazing show, and we all support each other endlessly to make sure that happens." -E.